The Knee-Jerk Chronicles

The term "knee-jerk" can be defined as an impulsive action or reaction. Synonyms include the following : impulsive, automatic, spontaneous, instinctive, mechanical, unthinking, hasty, rash, reckless, impetuous. Knee-jerk comments and reactions to issues of politics, religion, race, and economics are frequently made in a manner that is best described under this term.

What follows is a series of articles that begins with a satirical description of an event that almost cost me my life and inspired me to write the following essays. 

All of these essays have first been published by the Matanuska Valley Frontiersman in (usually) abbreviated form.

Start here - Freedom Also Rises

Freedom Also Rises Workin' for the 'Guv - the DOPOR Years The Wind From The Right Make A Separate Peace
Smedley's War Historical Fiscal Cliffs When The Levy Breaks Grace And The Forgotten Man